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  1. Hurduckle

    Lump on rats stomach

    Hi, I found this odd red bump that kind of looks like a hernia or something on my male rats lower stomach, right above his testicles a few days ago. Has anyone ever seen something like this before? He's behaving normal and he occasionally licks the area. I will definitely be making a vet...
  2. Kye

    Strange bump.? Unsure of what it is..

    Hello ! One of my boys Tobi has developed a bump on his hind leg..? I spotted it about a week ago so I decided to just watch it, at that point it was flesh colored and just seemed to be a stub- thus week I checked all 6 of my rats for any abnormalities like tumors or such and I checked it...
  3. spankaroo

    potential tumor?

    hi all, my 11 month old male rat, spanky, has had a lump on his left side for a month or so now- but until recently it did not appear to be bothering him. i checked it again today, and it has increased quite a bit in size and is now red and scabbed over on top. it is firm and beneath his skin...