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  1. Kye

    Debating getting him PTS

    My old man Tobi is basically 2 years now. Never been really sick and was treated once as a baby (8 weeks) he was acting a little off yesterday and today he's... Well the video shows it. He has barely eaten any baby food- it's the only thing we can get in him right now.
  2. ratazana

    I think 1 of my rats is dying? :(

    Hello, everyone So my rat is 2years and 8 months old. In the last 2 weeks he started getting sick. It all started with some noises when breathing, i took him to the vet and was prescribed azithromycin and also nebulization with 3 other meds. i did that for 2 weeks and then returned to the vet...
  3. mufintherat

    Could this be a heart problem? Or hiccups? Vids are attached! Please help if you can :’-)

    Hi everyone! It took me forever to figure out how to start a thread (embarrassing, I know), but I finally figured it out! So hi :-) I have one rat at the moment named Mufin. She’s around 1 year and nine months old! She’s a very sweet and cuddly girl. Every once in awhile she’ll do this weird...
  4. Jordanb1998

    Please help! 2 new babies and I’m panicking!

    Hi guys, I never really post on things like this but I am lost and scared and so confused. Anyways I got 2 female rats on Saturday afternoon and they’ve been doing okay but I’m very concerned about them not trusting me. I have not been able to hold them at all and that concerns me. They both...
  5. ShawnD

    Hi, new here, need urgent help, please!

    Hi! I'm new here and reaching out for some urgent advice.❤️ My big boy, Bear (abt 1.5-2 yrs old, and he's a little overweight, fyi) is suffering upper respiratory infection /distress at the moment. Last week he suddenly became worse and I gave him Cefalexin for 2 days until I could see a vet...
  6. A

    My rat is pulsing and seems as if he cannot breathe?

    Hi, my oldest rat, Russell, is kind of pulsing? He sounds as though he cannot breathe well and his abdomen/sides and moving in and out similar the way way dogs do when they're about to throw up. I plan to take him to a vet in the morning, but I'm kind of scared because he was fine this morning...
  7. georgina

    Help please! my rats depressed

    Hi, I am so sorry for the long post but I really really need some advice, my old man blue died 2 Sundays ago I did know this was going to happen as he was well past his age so it was expected, but my baby boy buddy 2yrsold died on sunday a straight week after blue died, I was soo confused and...
  8. ShelbyL92

    Rat has possible allergies?

    So one of my boys(Floki) occasionally has this loud breathing but goes away after he is active more. But since the weather is changing I'm wondering if this may play a part in his loud breathing. There is no sign of porphyrin and his brother has no breathing issues at all... So I'm wondering if...
  9. zJoker

    New baby rat wheezing

    Hello, Just took home a 4 weeks old baby boy from the breeder today. On the car ride back and after he reached his new home, he started making grunting noises. (Similar to this video: ) He doesn’t constantly sound like that but when it happens, it’s really loud. I have Baytril and Doxy meds...
  10. R

    Making a clicking noise and breathing heavy. URI?

    Okay guys things seem to have taken a turn for the worst :( My rat Subie is not being as active as normal and she's making a clicking noise almost constantly. She seems to be breathing heavy and she keeps sitting in the same spot breathing hard for long periods of time. I started noticing this...
  11. R

    air humidifier - safe for rats?

    Do you, as a rat owner, believe that it could be beneficial to purchase a humidifier? I have heard before that having a humidifier and ownng rats is not a good combination because the humidity can drown your rat´s lungs. I have recently purchased a space heater and notced that the air is...
  12. E

    Ratty not ok

    Hi, My 18 month old rat has changed in his behaviour. He's a lot more lethargic and just lies on the settee when he used run around everywhere. He still rats but not as much and has lost weight and becoming skinny. His breathing is also quickened. I can't hear any issues for it to be...
  13. DanielZielwolf

    On antibiotics but not responding well

    Hi, One of my rats - Archie - about whom I posted last Sunday, who's been on doxycycline for a while but whose breathing got more raspy a week ago had a respiratory attack on Wednesday. I took him to the vet and she added Baytril 0.26ml to the doxycycline (Vibravet paste 0.1ml) both 2x day...