1. R

    Boys eating fleece

    I have three male, un-neutered rats in a double Ferret Nation, and I use a fleece lining for the plastic pans. This method has worked great for about a year, but recently, they've taken to eating the fleece. I first noticed it when my oldest boy, about 2+ years old, injured his leg in a fall...
  2. A

    Rats dying suddenly??

    Hello last night my husband and I came home and found one of our babies(Uno) (Disturbing warning) eating the body of his brother (Nico.) After the initial shock and anger we realized (Nico) had died of something else and that the brother (Uno) eating him was a natural response to death and...
  3. Denise


    I'm getting a base pan 3" high and wondering what bedding to use? I use Yesterdays news in the litter box, of which they sometimes dont use.
  4. 16kacha


    Hi, so someone said none kiln dried aspen was bad but ive never heard the kilndried vs nonkiln dried arguement with aspen since it doesnt contain phenols like pine and cedar do. I know they kiln dry aspen to eliminate bacteria, yeast and mold but does it have to be kiln dried? Do theu even sell...
  5. R

    Laundry detergent to use for rat bedding

    I came across this laundry detergent while I was at the store today and I was wondering if this would be a good choice to use for cleaning rat bedding and such. The one that I found is unscented. There was also a lavender one but I would buy the unscented one if it is proven to be suitable for...
  6. mary

    Fleece Bedding (and Uhaul Pads)

    So I think im adopting 3 boys in late spring/early summer, but I'm torn on the bedding choice. I'm getting a single or double critter nation cage and I think fleece is my best option for those cages. I do have a few questions for those of you who use fleece as bedding for your ratties. 1. How...
  7. Rach Manatee


    My cage has one of those bins that hold and collect droppings underneath the bottom wire of the cage. Currently I’m using rat bedding for it. I was wondering if I could use something cheaper like non scented/dusty cat litter?
  8. Holly

    Oxbow bedding?

    Hi guys! So I have a huge cage for my boy rats (it’s the same size as a double critter nation; kind of like a cheaper version of one, can’t remember the exact name). I’m currently using fleece to line their cages at the moment (with a layer of newspaper underneath to soak up more wee). I use...
  9. O

    URGENT: Mites on Rats/Wooden Toys/Cage Cleaning?

    Hello all! I literally just created an account to get advice So about a week ago I treated my dog for fleas and the other day I found mites on my ratties I’m lucky to be in the UK because we have some pretty good spot-on for rats with ivermectin (called beaphar) which should arrive on...