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  1. Pandora

    neutered but territorial

    I just got a new naked rat, I put him in with three other boys (after intros), one is neutered... The 2 intact males don't bother the new guy even when he is terrified and screaming. New guy is mostly blind because he has very light pink eyes.. My neutered male had been seeking the new guy out...
  2. N


  3. Isaiaah Triplett

    My Experience With a Broken Leg

    Hello, around a year ago, my rat had 11 kittens. they where all healthy except for one. Her leg was disfigured, black, cold, and broken. Most people said the mom was going to reject her or she was going to die from infection. I went to the vet and all they did was they put a really small rubber...
  4. D

    Baby dumbo boys! What do you call their fur color?

    Hey! I’m picking up my two new fur babies in two weeks. They’re two male dumbo rats. what do you call their fur markings/colors? ABC36CCE-AB63-47E2-B61F-BE635B4D2F18 by Danique posted Oct 24, 2019 at 12:36 AM0277B451-C3EF-4F7E-955F-B6E2D4701C09 by Danique posted Oct 24, 2019 at 12:36 AM
  5. Caitlin

    william ❤️

    william, from the moment i saw you in the pet shop and you looked back at me with your beautiful red eyes, i knew you were special. whilst james came freely out of the tank and into his box ready to go home, you had to make a statement. i’ll never forget the look on the pet shop workers face as...
  6. Jon D


    One of my boys *about 5 months* is sick and I dont know what's happening to him! His sister died in the same way not long ago!! We woke up and he was just lethargic and drooling, he also looked like he was trying to regurgitate. We waited it out and then took him to a vet. They couldn't find out...
  7. K

    Newborn foot injury, can't identify cause!

    I adopted two rats over the weekend, I specifically asked for two females that were not pregnant (this is only my second set of ratties), aaaaand both were pregnant to my surprise! o_O Now that I've come down from the stress of not being prepared....everything seems to be going okay with the...
  8. C

    Re-homing two baby rats

    We’re looking to re-home two rats, about 2 months old. One is a dumbo (male) and the other is a hooded (female). My daughter has discovered she’s very allergic. We'd be willing to drive the rats with two separate cages/supplies up to a 60 mile radius of Raleigh, NC to a new home. We were going...
  9. R

    Girl Rat Shenanigans - Baby Rats

    I have had boy rats for about four years and never had too many issues with escaping or introductions. I recently however had my last unneutered male pass away and decided to take the opportunity to try girl rats (Buffy and Illyria). My first impressions were that they definitely had more energy...
  10. Bree

    Aggressive biting

    I have a new baby rat named Diablo (girl) I got her on February 13 2019 and I haven’t touched her yet. I want her to settle in and feel safe before I touch her. When I moved her bed she bit me. Really REALLY hard. This has been continuing for the time that I have had her. Any tips on how to...
  11. ssrat

    Is my young rat male or female? (Pics)

    Helloo! I bought my newest baby exactly a week ago and this has kept me up at night. This is what the pet store told me: They do not guarantee sex, but the employee I was speaking to said, in his opinion, this baby is a male. I asked how old ratty is, the employee asked, I'm assuming, the...
  12. lillywithluv

    Do My Rats Like Each other?

    so I recently got a new baby boy. I have two other boys that are around the same age but a little bigger, that are very strongly bonded together. today is the second day with our new baby, and the other boys don't seem to mind. the thing I'm worried about is they don't take interest in him...
  13. S

    Wobbly, Mouth-Breathing Baby-- Please Help

    Hello, about 2 weeks ago I took in two fairly young male rats (Errol and Norbert) from a friend who adopted them at a local pet store. I'd say they're about 2 or 3 months old, but I'm not entirely certain. They've always been quite sneezy, but I figured it was just the new home sneezes...
  14. R

    1 Dumbo Rat Boy in Need of New Home - SEATTLE

    Hi new member here in a bit of a bind! Really mad at myself but I got duped; I needed female rat friend for my current rat ( she was originally a feeder rat so she did not have any litter mates when I adopted her). I managed to find a breeder but I was in a rush when I picked up the rat, and...
  15. R

    Frail baby rat

    hi all, I'm looking for some advice. My baby Rex, Moraig, has been ill with a respiratory infection and abscesses. We've treated her with antibiotics. But I think she may be underdeveloped due to this. She is otherwise healthy- exploratory, eats, drinks, cuddles, and washes herself regularly...