baby rat

  1. S

    Switching milks?

    Hello! My name is Sam, i have had an orphaned baby roof rat for about a week now. I have had him slowly introduced to raw goats milk and he seems to be doing well on it. He’s very active and digests it well. But after some research I see soy based human formula is best for him and the goats milk...
  2. S

    Hello from Sam and baby

    Hello, my name is Sam and I’m a wildlife rehaber here in Miami Fl. The place I work does not take non native animals such as palm/roof rats. We got in an orphaned baby roof rat and I decided to take him home instead of letting him be euthanized. I have have had him/her for a little over a week...
  3. B

    I may have made a mistake..

    I may have overreacted to my baby boy's (9-10 weeks) breathing issues. Ive been treating my adult boys with prescribed doxycycline because of a uri and when i heard similar breathing noises coming from my baby i panicked and stupidly decided to give him a portion of doxycycline that was 3x too...
  4. M

    Rat Babies Dying??

    I unknowingly bought a pregnant rat and she just recently gave birth to 12 babies, they were all healthy at first and then I came home to only 1 alive? Could it be a genetic thing?
  5. Courtney Carter

    Rescued baby rat possibly pregnant? Help..

    Hello I rescued some little baby ratties recently, picked them up from an off situation, feeder rescue essentially, I’ve done it before with my last two boys. But I ended up with girls this time! Smell is a lot better with ladies I’ll be honest, and I just miss having girls. Well, I was pretty...
  6. shaunavalon

    BABIES!!!!! 14 Beautiful Jelly Beans

    My rat, Io, has successfully birthed 14 little kittens on Friday Afternoon. They're all amazing. One little runt - he was definitely very runty - he eventually didn't make it. However, there are 13 very healthy little squeakers in my house now <3 Moved her from the rat hospital basket into her...
  7. O

    Abandoned rat or mouse?

    I found 2 lil babies sitting alone in the middle of a hot parking lot yesterday. i kind of think someone dumped them there? they didn’t look too dirty or thin, but they were totally alone right next to each other, and i couldn’t find any trace of a mother or other siblings. it was hot so i know...
  8. ratbabylady

    Baby Sneezing, Older Rats Theoretically Exposed

    Hi All, I am here looking for some advice regarding quarantine & URI's. I adopted 4 new baby girls at the end of March, & within a week my sweet baby came down with a URI. Congested breathing, wheezing, sneezing. I took her immediately to the ER & got her treated. She was on Doxy &...
  9. Pepper_rat

    New owner

    I just joined this forum because no one in my family or friends has much interest in rats so I have no one to talk about this with. I love learning more about them and watching my girl's personalities come out. I have two girls and I'm hoping to get two more after quarantine is up in my state. I...
  10. Icycle83

    3 weeks old rat’s pink eyes turn white

    Anyone know why my new born rat would develop cataracts symptoms only a few weeks after birth. Is it cataracts or glaucoma?
  11. Skaven

    Baby rat terrified - how to help?

    Hello! I got a baby rat (6-8 weeks by looks, but don't know for sure - what do you think? That's him: ), and he's been shaking in fear in the carrier since yesterday. He pees and have soft poops everytime I come near carrier. I added a cardboard house for him to...
  12. A

    Wobbly & Head Tilt

    So, a month and a half ago one of my does gave birth to an unexpected litter. Long story short, she looked like her brothers, and was placed in the wrong cage; the new rat, Murtagh, was the father. He passed away recently. Unfortunately, one of the babies, Onyx, has begun to show the same signs...
  13. zJoker

    New baby rat wheezing

    Hello, Just took home a 4 weeks old baby boy from the breeder today. On the car ride back and after he reached his new home, he started making grunting noises. (Similar to this video: ) He doesn’t constantly sound like that but when it happens, it’s really loud. I have Baytril and Doxy meds...