1. S

    need help With scared rat(new rat owner

    i recently got two new baby rats and they have been perfectly fine,warming up to me,taking treats and playing around but i recently noticed they were using the other corner of their cage as a bathroom so i switched their hideaway and the litter box and now one rat is burrowed inside the hide...
  2. Katiebug9806

    What is this?? HELP

    This was huge abscess/growth on his tummy. And now it looks like an open wound. It was black and very large and has disappeared. This is all that is left. Don’t know what’s going on and worried
  3. L

    I need help with caging!

    So I got two baby rats (6-9 weeks old) and one got out of the cage. Please help me, what do I house them in now????? it took me forever to retrieve him! I need help ASAP on what to keep them in now! I know the cage is fine to keep them in once they’ve grown but I have no idea what to do for the...