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  1. SookieObiRonny&Bear

    HELP! Female rat aggressive to cage-mate after cage-mate's spay and surgery!!!

    Help! I have two female rats, about 10 months old. One of them had a vaginal polyp so had surgery and was spayed last week. Her name is Bear and she is the larger, more dominant rat. Since the spay, it seems her only cage-mate, that the littler rat, Sookie, is way more aggressive and has even...
  2. P

    Rat will not accept others.

    I adopted one rat a couple months ago. I really wanted to get her a partner but my roommate refused to let me get one. But now that I don’t live with him anymore I decided to get two more rats. All three rats are calm and sweet (and female) but the oldest rat, Wheatley (the one i had first)...
  3. S


    hi guys! I’m not a native English speaker, but since this is one of the only forums with a lot of activity, I thought I should join! So I had to put down my old rat a week ago. My other rat, Pepper, is 1,5 years old. I didn’t want to get a rat which is around the same age, because I know that...
  4. Kyn

    Taming an adult rat with aggressive body language?

    I have three boys. Two are complete loves and love to be pet and handled. The third, Gatsby, has always hated being touched. He's about 8 months now and I just kind of leave him be. If I try to touch him, he rears up on his hind legs and tries to push me away with his paws and/or teeth. He...
  5. Ashlyn

    Introducing younger rats to older rat

    I'm a first time rat owner. I'm struggling to introduce an older rat, Davos, to two younger rats, Stannis and Roose. A couple of weeks ago, a friend tells me she needs her rat re-homed because her dogs would terrorize him whenever they could in the three weeks she had him. When I started with...
  6. Bree

    Aggressive biting

    I have a new baby rat named Diablo (girl) I got her on February 13 2019 and I haven’t touched her yet. I want her to settle in and feel safe before I touch her. When I moved her bed she bit me. Really REALLY hard. This has been continuing for the time that I have had her. Any tips on how to...
  7. Cheyenne

    Aggressive Rat

    Hey guys! New member and first time poster. A little background, When I met my boyfriend over a year ago he had 5 rats. Two older feeder boys he took in with his ex, and three baby boys. His ex has the two big boys and we have the initially VERY timid baby’s (Puar, Mickey, Kush). I’ve been...
  8. Y

    Aggressive issues with my adult male to my 6 month old male

  9. M

    Taking a hostile rat to the vet?

    Hi, My rat Dixie has a large tumor right in between her back legs and it is growing everyday. I want to take her to the vet to see about getting it removed or having her put down if it’s too late, but there’s a problem. Dixie does not like to be touched by strangers or picked up. She will try...
  10. C

    Rescue Rats from Hoarder Situation

    Hi everyone! I'm in dire need of help. I've had a pair of rats before that were shy at first but were young and fairly easy to tame. My local shelter has just received over 80 rats, adults and juveniles. Thankfully other rescues have stepped in to help take some of the rats but they really only...
  11. O

    I just had to separate my two 8 month old rats, I don’t know what to do and need advice ASAP!

    Hi, This might be long so I’ll put a TL;DR at the end of it. I do have a slight suspicion to what may be causing Loki to act out the way he is. After giving my two rats, Loki and Obi a bath today after finding mites, everything was fine for the first half an hour or so before Loki’s attitude...
  12. Rattiroo

    Looking for Reassurance

    This is only me second introduction so of course I’m a bit of a nervous wreck, and I’m just looking for some reassurance I suppose. I adopted a 5 (ish?) month old boy (Odin) from a local rescue as a companion to my 29 month old spayed girl, the last of my previous mischief. I was able to get...
  13. P

    One lonely rat and one aggressive rat

    Hi all, My wife and I decided to get rats last summer, but we ended up getting two baby boys from what, in retrospect, was a bad breeder (smoked around the rats and had them on poor diets, etc.) Partly through our own inexperience and poor judgment and partly under pressure from a pushy...