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  1. lilspaz68

    {EMERGENCY} Swollen Eye and Seizures in Elderly Rat

    Did his eye look like this? Was he having issues with his breathing? Or this?
  2. lilspaz68

    {EMERGENCY} Swollen Eye and Seizures in Elderly Rat

    I'm so very sorry. At this age he could have multiple issues and euthanasia does sound like the kindest thing if he's continuing to have seizures :(
  3. lilspaz68

    Found rat laying on her side, could barely walk, stable now but no diagnosis

    Can you get us a video of your lass? If she seems dizzy and keeping low to the ground there is also a possibility of inner ear infection. Can you also get us pics of the abscess you are dealing with?
  4. lilspaz68

    Scratch under eye?

    It looks very minor, you can just watch and wait. It should heal up fast (rats heal insanely fast)
  5. lilspaz68

    Rats getting sick or just grieving?

    When Mabel scratches her sides is it really high up? This actually can be a sign of dominance. Since you list your other rat the pecking order has been disrupted and she might be claiming the top spot. The grunting, do you hear it near her or only when she's on you?
  6. lilspaz68

    Please help! 2 new babies and I’m panicking!

    It sounds like they gave mild respiratory infections as they are both active and normal except the sneezing and nasal popping sounds? A video would help us. Do you have any human antibiotics leftover in your own med cupboard on hand?
  7. lilspaz68

    3 weeks old rat’s pink eyes turn white

    Let's hope it's genetic cataracts and it's in both eyes?. I assume that the eyes look normal just white? Keep an eye on them for any bulging or changes.
  8. lilspaz68

    Rescued Baby - Worried About Clicking Sound

    It's a little early for bruxxing, they usually are 2.5-3 weeks before you start to see that behavior. Clicking usually means aspiration pneumonia
  9. lilspaz68

    Shivering Leg and Breathing Problems

    Definitely put him back with his brother.
  10. lilspaz68

    Canada (Other) sweet young rat going as snake food - Toronto Ontario

    Several people have tried to contact this ad and they never reply. :(
  11. lilspaz68

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to you and your babies :)
  12. lilspaz68

    Help! Is this PT? 1 year old female rat - St Paul MN USA

    At a year old it's very unlikely to be PT. Stroke is a slight possibility but inner ear infection is most likely and the first thing I would treat. The prednisone is good for short term with this infection but if given more than a week you will need to carefully taper off the dose to take her...
  13. lilspaz68

    Shivering Leg and Breathing Problems

    If you put your fingers gently on the haunch muscle do you feel a tic? Is he losing muscle tone in his hind end? These could all indicate progressive hind end degeneration which is an old rat thing for some rats. The breathing issue though will definitely need antibiotics to treat. Can you post...
  14. lilspaz68

    Della is going downhill

    It could also be a vaginal polyp or mass. I'm sorry :(
  15. lilspaz68


    It doesn't look like ringworm,but it might be rat rash. Have your vet check for this
  16. lilspaz68

    Help please

    Can you get us a pic of what you are dealing with?
  17. lilspaz68

    Della is going downhill

    Sometimes vaginal bleeding can be a genital myco flareup. It's the reason most vets will give you a week's worth of antibiotics to see if the bleeding stops.
  18. lilspaz68

    Is baby....normal?

    I wouldn't worry about the steroid at this stage unless her tilt starts to worsen but I would definitely give her a course of Cipro just to ensure there is no lingering infection.
  19. lilspaz68

    Pituitary tumor

    No limit especially since he's underweight. I had a rat with meningitis, he had to be hospitalized for a week and they kept changing up his meds and giving him fluids eyc.. When I finally got him home he had a head tilt and was a little addled for the rest of his life. Sweet boy.
  20. lilspaz68

    Is baby....normal?

    I'm so sorry for not replying Dena (the world has been a scary distracting place lately). How is Baby doing? I just checked an erithromycin isn't always an effective antibiotic for inner ear infections, it works best on different bacterias. Any chance of a different antibiotic?
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