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    rat doesn’t like coming out of cage

    How old? If they're still young, patient daily coaxing and conditioning will eventually socialize them into more trusting pets. But if they are adults you may never get them to trust you until they are seniors. Don't pick them up or grab them, that onlyakes it worse. Offer treats and your arm as...
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    My rat is pulsing and seems as if he cannot breathe?

    No video needed. He had advanced URI infection and needs a vet immediately. If his mouth is open to breathe, he is gasping and will need immediate antibiotics, or possibly even too late and euthanasia is safest bet so he doesn't suffocate to death. Please consult an exotics vet immediately.
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    Preputial Gland Infection

    Hi, Sadly, after a vet debt of over $1500 and 5 cleanouts of his abscess and a million antiseptic flushes at home, he once again made it about a month before he needed another clean-out. But I had noticed that this time he was in more pain than the usual gingerly waddle-walk sign that his...
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    Is my rat pregnant?

    Hard to tell, but was she alone with an intact male for more than 2 seconds? Male rats are not known for their stamina, lol. Ok, but seriously...Is she neurotically building a nest?
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    Peeing in the Litter Box

    I've never had one single rat who didn't pee in their hideouts. I think they do it to mark it as their own. So when I changeout the paper liners I always leave a little old paper in so they don't feel the need to start over. Anyway, peeing is impossible to completely control. They only control...
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    HELP!! Rat's bone exposed??

    Put some silver sulfadiazine in the cavity
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    Taking Rats Outdoors ............. Or With You to Places

    I didn't read the OP but I let my rats outside, but only if they want to go out. Some do, some don't. I had a rat that would literally fall of the bed, pull himself (HLD) out of the room, this the house to the slider, open the screen and go outside. But most rats prefer to not go out. You, as...
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    Recovering Rat Hasn't Peed or Pooped

    I have never been able to get sick or injured old rats to willingly take meds. They can be easy to convince their whole life, but as soon as they know they are in serious condition they get skeptical of anything abnormal, which is when they need to trust you the most. I usually have to resort to...
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    Are these mites?

    Exactly, mites are too small, you will only see their scratch marks and sores. Live are more like what I see in that photo. But lice are rat zoonotic, i.e. ... Only rats have rat lice. So figure out how they got them unless you've had the rats for only a short while and the lice came with them...
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    Are these mites?

    You can get Ivermectin from any feed and grain store, but be sure not to give him more than the recommended amount of an uncooked grain of rice sized portion. It costs $5 for a lifetime supply. But people will tell you not to use Ivermectin and if that's how you feel then you can get Revolution...
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    Foster rat unable to use one “hand”?!

    Could have had a stroke and recovered less than 100% but thankfully more than most usually do. Also, she's been that way for how long? Looks like some time now, and if so then I would just clean her up and let her be. She's old too right?
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    mite Treatment

    Ivermectin was the standard treatment until Revolution came along and is hardly more toxic IF given correctly. You need to get the 1.87% horse paste from a feed and grain store for $5. And that $5 giant syringe will last you forever even if you have a lot of rats at all times. You give an...
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    Constantly shaking head

    Hmmmm, hate to say this but 2½ yr old rescue huh? So you probably know little to nothing about him, no background, no medical history. And at his age? Fair to say that your keeping a watch, and a close one at that, over him is just about all you can do. At this point you are most likely giving...
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    Swollen testicles

    Dinner in bed, lol. Since he was taking his customary afternoon nap, I surprised him with chicken wings (bones cut in half) and peas (heated up from frozen peas) that he loves to shell. And to drink? Eggnog!!! Mmmmmmm Yu m! And yes, I have a bunch of pea shells to pick up, but I will do anything...
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    Swollen testicles

    I am very sorry for your loss. I am presently going through a very similar experience with my Double Rex "Gollum", who has a severe infection of the preputial glands, which has progressed to several abscesses in that area. He has had 2 procedures while under partial anesthesia to remove exudate...
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    Constantly shaking head

    My boy Gollum has been yhis way his entire life. I always thought ear infection but he also forcefully sneezes a lot. Its due to his bloodline. He is a double Rex and has a deviated septum and inner ear canal issues caused by hereditary traits. Inbreeding can be bad.
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    urgent sudden heavy breathing

    Im so sorry
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    Please help my rat is possibly dying and I can't take her to a vet please help me

    After rereading this thread, i may be overreacting, and apologize if i offended you. Your rat is not suffering too badly, just had an apparent infection. Dont let it continue. Get some antibiotics, theyre cheap online. Give her the ABs with Ensure as directed. Theres people who will...
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    Please help my rat is possibly dying and I can't take her to a vet please help me

    In your title you said there is no way you can take her to a vet, so the previous response seems a bit misguided. But ive seen enough of pet rat Q&A about not being avable see a vet and everyone saying to do just that than i can ever possibly remember. So O am going to answer your question. If...
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    Rat making weird breathing noises?

    ANY breathing noises require further investigatory action. If you are experienced with pet rats and home treatment methods and medicine reductions, then immediately start him on Baytril (you'll need his weight) preferrably. If not you need to get him a vet appointment. FYI, normal, healthy rat...
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