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  1. Morrigan

    VERY timid rats.. can someone help me?

    The original thing I used to do was stick my hand in their cage to have them get used to it, and just sit there. Just have your hand as part of the cage atmosphere and they usually eventually get curious, even if you don't have treats. Are they scared of being picked up? Do they run or dart...
  2. Morrigan

    will my rats kill African Soft Fur rats?

    Honestly, I'm not sure about the ethics behind the genetics of dwarf rats, but I do know there are dwarf rats that get along well with normal rats. I'd be very afraid and cautious about it though, personally
  3. Morrigan

    Rat Bites Me When Being Hand Fed

    He's been more gentle thereafter... Maybe I just need to really make sure he's alone
  4. Morrigan

    How often do you wash hammocks?

    I wash once a week, but I've heard rats have a tendency to pee more frequently if everything in the cage is cleaned, so I often clean the hammock at a separate time from everything else, about a day after cage cleanings. My rats usually keep their hammock pretty clean though
  5. Morrigan

    Rat Bites Me When Being Hand Fed

    So I've never had this issue before. In general, I've never had a rat continuously bite me when feeding them. Certainly, I've never had it happen twice AND draw blood like it has here with this rat. He's normally a very sweet guy! Very gentle! But when I feed Nerves (my rat) around other rats...
  6. Morrigan

    Rat Cages - Canada - Where do I find an appropriate cage?

    I'm looking for a cage about 100-150 CAD, and no matter where I look there's cages being sold hundreds of dollars past what they're being sold in America (the same cages). Where can I find a decent cage that meets the requirements for say, about 4 rats but that isn't selling for 400+? I've felt...
  7. Morrigan

    Do all male rats become aggressive towards their owners

    Rats are some of the sweetest, easiest to handle rodents in my experience. Even pretty stressed out rats rarely bite. Domestic rats are very gentle. There's some rats out there who have trauma or other issues that need some gentle patience, but genuine biters seem pretty rare. 14/16 of the rats...
  8. Morrigan


    Ah I see someone recently asked about allergies. I'll keep the advice there in mind. I still wonder about the carefresh though
  9. Morrigan


    I've kept rats since I was a child and this is more of a recent occurrence. When I've handled my rats, parts of my hands or arm sometimes get itchy and slightly red where I held them. Any tips or tricks to alleviate this? On a similar note, I've been using Carefresh for a long time but one of...
  10. Morrigan


    Love her energy and her hops. I'm so sorry for your loss, but I'm glad you have this memory on film.
  11. Morrigan

    Eye Trauma?

    Thank you very much for your comments lilspaz, they've really been helpful. It's been awhile now and nothing is particular about the eye except the paleness so I think it's just eye trauma he's going to have to deal with. I'm glad it isn't worse than this though, I was severely worried at the time.
  12. Morrigan

    Dangerous lone rat, what do I do???

    Hm. Well, I once had a rat who didn't like other rats and I just kept him in a separate cage and hung out with him. He was extremely social with me though, and he was one of my dearest rats... I think other people might give you better info, since there's other people on the site with more...
  13. Morrigan

    Eye Trauma?

    Although cataracts and a sharp edge lines up so neatly I considered it for a moment, I simply don't think there's anything sharp enough in the cage to cause that amount of damage. His ear has healed, but to me there's a kind of dappled appearance to his eye, like certain parts are whiter...
  14. Morrigan

    Eye Trauma?

    @lilspaz68 when I check his eyes from above, they're the same shape/size, just seems one is a lot paler than the other. i wonder if it could be cataracts...
  15. Morrigan

    Eye Trauma?

    My rats get along fairly well, so I was baffled to come home today to see the worst injuries I've ever seen as a rat owner. They're all getting along right now so I can't guess who the culprit is, but I'm keeping a very close eye on them and I'm extremely concerned... they've all been together a...
  16. Morrigan

    New Rat - sneezing, mild honking

    Never finished up this thread. I did get him some baytril from the vet I visited at the time, and he recuperated quite well. Also used some amoxicillin I had left over to help him out. He's grown up nicely, with his two rat buddies.
  17. Morrigan

    Baytril Questions

    Never properly thanked people here for the responses. Thank you! The answers were really enlightening and gave me an idea what to look further into too.
  18. Morrigan

    Baytril Questions

    I see a lot of people here give Baytril to younger rats. I'd always assumed that was okay. Baytril generally seems to be a pretty big to for respiratory issues in rat keeping communities. However, my vet said it shouldn't be given to rats under 9 months. I'm planning to go further into vet...
  19. Morrigan

    New Rat - sneezing, mild honking

    @SQ Yeah I understand that perfectly well... The fact I was considering getting some rescues was part of why I didn't want to step in. I guess ultimately either way there's so many rats that need help everywhere it's about not putting your money where they're not being taken care of. But my...
  20. Morrigan

    Best vets in GTA, Ont?

    I've visited the one on Church Street and although they were very nice I didn't get much of a read on the place as I only visited and had my rat Morrigan euthanized there. Fairly pricy too, with all said and done. Was thinking about going to the one at High Park but I'm curious what people's...
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