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  1. AquariusSky
    AquariusSky Manishamani
    With the tablet crush it put it back in its former shape as much as possible then split it into 8ths and put it into her water or on a soft food. Make sure she eats all or drinks all of it
  2. Bobbin
    Bobbin Ann Faith
    Hey you! I'd love to help where I can, and I definitely suggest picking up a friend for Latte sometime, as most will become depressed without companionship. If talking elsewhere is a little easier, my e-mail is robyngemmafisher @gmail. com -- Minus the spaces, that is! :)
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  3. Ann Faith
    Ann Faith
    I'm New! Any advice for a rattery would be appreciated!
  4. Tabasco the rat
    Tabasco the rat
    I have two adorable baby dumbo rats Taco an Tabasco <3
  5. Tabasco the rat
    Tabasco the rat
    I have a beautiful baby rattie named Tabasco and a companion on the way!
  6. RatsRule
    His little bro Pipper died a week ago and he is now ill. I am gonna get him a buddy tomarrow and get some advise if you have ideas plz share
  7. RatsRule
    M y lil guy Gizmo isn’t doing good. He is wobbly and falling over. He is cold and so are his tail and feet. He has red discharge around eyes
  8. GerhardtsMom
    New mom to a baby rat working on getting a second one for her
  9. Honeydewmelon
    Really sad :( Rats are such great pets but they have such short lifespans and are really susceptiple to health issues
  10. SQ
    SQ lilspaz68
    woman who you wrote to this morning re rat with the flu answered your question
  11. PartyLemur
    Current ratties: Trip, and Shammy
  12. PartyLemur
    Current ratties:
  13. DragonIceQueen
    New guardian to 2 cute rats
  14. Virus'n'Plague
    Virus'n'Plague mamarat
    I'm in sudbury!
  15. Rose Clements
    Rose Clements
    Proud ratty mother of 2 young rats, Mercury and Geode.
  16. Lisa Barcelos
    Lisa Barcelos
    Loving the rat mom life
  17. PotatoRat
    I'm just a potato rat.
  18. SunflowerPop
    Hoping to become a foster parent soon for rats in the DFW area!
  19. SunflowerPop
    Just updated my information! I have pictures and information about my three boys there :)
  20. bluerose
    Newly owned by two sisters that has stolen my heart!