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  1. Cheryl Carr
    Cheryl Carr
    Trying to find out how to get my rats to eat asparagus to help fight off cancer.
  2. ThatOneOverthinker
    A Previous Ratty Mommy Who is Looking to Get New Ratty Babies in the Future!
  3. Michellerattiemom
    My ratties are my world. There my children in rat form❤
  4. Wolfsmoon
    Hello! Welcome to my page. I am a furmother to 2 dogs and.I also have 7 cats. I have 13 ratties and a 37 gallon tank full of community fish
  5. andrewbecco20041
    I feel deeply for rats and if any harm or death comes upon them, my world will come crashing down
  6. Nadia Mazza
    Nadia Mazza
    I have a biter ! Oh no ! Going on #3
  7. Lizzee
    Mummy to the beautiful Jasper and late Bullseye
  8. Dena
    Addicted to my rats
  9. Nadia Mazza
  10. Lily Jones
    Lily Jones
    Mama of Venus, Neptune and Andromeda (Andie)
  11. ShelbyL92
    My boys are sick and I wanna cry
  12. Bree
    Lovin my rat
  13. Anastasia
    I use corn cob litter for my rats, they don't seem to have a problem with it, but the like to eat it. Should I be concerned?
  14. RatsRule
    Hey guys! Just got a new baby rat. Her name is pine needle and she loves everyone!
  15. Kimikoラット
    Finally got my boys!
  16. ssrat
    I'm a huge noooob
  17. SilkyQueen
    G'day im a aussie breeder working on a very special line here in oz love to talk to other breeder and stuff
  18. spankaroo
  19. AquariusSky
    AquariusSky Manishamani
    With the tablet crush it put it back in its former shape as much as possible then split it into 8ths and put it into her water or on a soft food. Make sure she eats all or drinks all of it
  20. Bobbin
    Bobbin Ann Faith
    Hey you! I'd love to help where I can, and I definitely suggest picking up a friend for Latte sometime, as most will become depressed without companionship. If talking elsewhere is a little easier, my e-mail is robyngemmafisher @gmail. com -- Minus the spaces, that is! :)
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