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Originally Posted by Amaginon View Post
I recently got 4 rats. (3 males & 1 female). 1 of the males looks like a stereotypical lab rat (white with pink eyes). He has very poor eyesight, constantly bobbing his head to get a better view, and is definitely a lot more skittish than the others. He squeaks frantically if picked up suddenly, and can be very jumpy. Now I have had a rat who was actually blind (from birth). He was very easy to handle, very calm, very exploratory. So I am wondering if just having very poor eyesight contirbutes to a rat being nervous.

Possibly. Hes hard to handle and jumpy. He also has stereotypical lab rat features.

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Yes I just wonder if maybe they just see shadows, so that makes them much more nervous than those who see nothing or see a more clearer picture. So like other's have said, just handle him a lot (and maybe move a bit slower around him). Mine is never going to be the most affectionate, but he does let me handle him (except when picked up suddenly).

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We've had a couple of blind rats-- Baloo was a sweet old man, but nippier than I'd been told. We didn't do quite as well with him as we could now (the more you know, right?) but what we learned from him helped us with Hodr, a sweet boy we rescued from a mom-and-pop pet place that was slowly going out of business. The store owner gave him to us for free because of the blindness.

Hodr was a lively, social, fun-loving boy who had more energy than The Mr. and I put together on our best day. He was never happier than when he was on a shoulder or in a housecoat. We kept his house arranged the same way so he'd always know where everything was, and before I put a hand near him, I would rub my fingers together to make a sound. He learned that a hand was approaching and petting would follow. He never once nipped or bit. (He went to the Bridge too early due to a fast-developing respiratory infection that did not respond to medication.)

Consistency played a huge role, I think. Hopefully your wee fuzzy will become more trusting over time. Good luck!

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