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Default How momma scared the rats...

Alright, so, before I begin I need to warn you all that there might be spaces of this story that seem to skip. that's because I remember very little of it.

So, about six hours ago, I woke up to a very painful headache. I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. Finally I remembered someone saying that caffeine completely annihilates headaches, so I fumbled my way into the kitchen. Grumpy, tired, and in pain I open our fridge to find the only thing with caffeine in it, is an energy drink my brother left when he visited last night. Convinced I was going to die, I went against all of my previous statements about energy drinks, an tried more than a sip of one for the first time. I chugged it.

Nothing happened. I felt ripped off. Frustrated, I threw the can away and started back for bed. I was sitting on my mattress for maybe... five? ten minutes before the sudden urge to just... Go. Hit me.

So, alright. Yea, maybe I was just waking up a bit? Yep! That's all it was. Energy drinks have no affect on me and maybe my mind was just trying to trick me. I got up, walked into the rat room, stared at my babies for a moment...
Then began cleaning...


I took the girl rats, shoved them in their travel carrier and took the ENTIRE CRITTER NATION APART and hauled it outside. I scrubbed, washed, scrubbed, rinsed, and scrubbed some more with dawn dish soap and water. My pants were soaked by the time I was done, but I didn't care. I then hauled everything BACK inside, set the cage up again and put the hammocks and toys in. The girls, however, were not out of my grasp yet.

I decided, I don't know why, that taking them outside and letting them smell some fresh air would be good. So, I did.
I also took a packet of baby wipes outside and while they were in their carrier playing in the grass, I picked them up one by one and began washing them with baby wipes.
I can't remember how long we were out there. It felt like forever but when Icame back in it was only 10.

Next, the boys had their turn.
Then the guinea pig.
Then I cleaned out the fish aquarium and rearranged everything
and now?
Now it's 12:17 and I feel so exhausted.
I think i might go take a nap...

PS: The headaches gone.

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Default Re: How momma scared the rats...

You should have a blog!!! Hilarious!

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Default Re: How momma scared the rats...

wow I gotta try one of these energy drinks!

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Default Re: How momma scared the rats...

I will buy an energy drink for you if you come to my house!
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Default Re: How momma scared the rats...

Originally Posted by Joanne
I will buy an energy drink for you if you come to my house!
I second that
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Default Re: How momma scared the rats...

That's too funny. Now wow don't those energy drink work like that on my son. He sure drinks enough of them but he won't move.
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Default Re: How momma scared the rats...

Ha ha!
The power of insane amounts of sugar and caffeine!!!

What sucks the most, though, is that you quickly get "immune" to them- and they end up having little to no effect on you. That is the case with me- I can't resist those green MONSTER drinks- and now it's like drinking juice.... except for the heart attack risks.

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