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Did it exude foul smelling gunk? That sounds like an abscess, thankfully
You can/should flush it out with isotonic saline (same salinity as our body) twice a day. No ointments as it encourages healing over, and the body needs to heal from the bottom up to the skin surface so nothing is trapped under a scab, otherwise it could recur again.

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Originally Posted by Amaginon View Post
RE: the Possums. No, it is not really possible to restrict their movements as they climb in every window, even one that requires some rather extreme acrobatics. It is a pain. because I do not like closing all my windows at night, especially with summer coming up. I just do not know how to get rid of them.
Do people use screens or some type of grid on their windows to keep out animals and/or insects?

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Yes, but I live in an old sub-divided queenslander (a type of large house built in over a century ago). So it uses louvres for a lot of the windows. They are great for leaving open during evenings to get a breeze, but also makes it difficult for the use of screens (and tend to break in a heavy hail storm).

I did not really smell anything, but I tend to have a poor sense of smell anyway. I have two medications for him, but I will try to clean it (if he lets me).

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