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Pop Up Tents

The Pop Up Tents are a variation of the tent, it’s bigger and longer making it a fun hammock for young rats. They love to climb all over it. But the adult rats enjoy snuggling deep in the Pop Up Tents, keeping them warm and snuggled. The pre-mades sell for $12. The custom made Pop Up tents sell for $15.
Please visit the Fleece Creations Gallery for available Pop Up Tents.

Young energetic and agile rats love to run, jump, climb and rest but only for short bouts. I have created the Pop Up Tent. It’s like a jungle gym rest stop all in one. The young rats love it. They are all over that thing, from snuggling deep in the bottom to climbing it to the top. I have even caught my oldies go for the deep nest spot in the bottom. It’s a big hammock for all those big personality rats!
We introduced the Pop Up Tent at Halloween but it went so fast and I’ve been sewing some ever since but I never got around to showing one off. Finally Jo gave me a picture to post here. I’ll be sure to take better pics next time I have one for pre-made… and as a sneak peak, the next one will be in a sweet xmas print!!!

Here is Jo’s Butter Bean, resting comfortable in the middle of his Pop Up Tent. It’s definitely his domain.

The Pop Up Tent in a Critter Nation cage.

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